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Welcome to Su Jok Instruments Internet Shop!

We are glad you take an interest in our site about Su Jok Instruments!

We hope that the sites materials will be helpful for medical practitioners and all who want to know about new methods, modern technologies and effective techniques of treatment, especially Su Jok.

If you have a professional interest in Su Jok or other trends of reflexotherapy, we are always glad to offer to You a complete list of necessary tools (acupuncture Su Jok and corporal needles, needle installers, Su Jok massage probes, smoke-free cigars, moxas, Su Jok minimoxas, micromoxas, magnetic applicators, massage Su Jok rings, etc.) that might be quickly purchased in our Internet shop .

Our Reference guide contains varied materials on modern medical technology, effective method of treatment Su Jok therapy. We are sure that they will be useful for both patients and physicians of various levels and categories. Much attention is paid to recommendations on the right and effective use of Su Jok therapy tools.

The Companys background:

The incredibly fast propagation of the method of Su Jok therapy throughout the world and acknowledgement of it phenomenal results in treatment of a wide spectrum of diseases have caused the necessity to provide physicians who apply this effective method with all required Su Jok instruments for active medical practice.

In 1993, the company SUBAL was established, where the production of necessary and, as a rule, unique Su Jok tools was organized on the basis of modern technologies.

At present, the company SUBAL does not only provide Su Jok practitioners around the word with all necessary Su Jok tools, but also develops unique projects based on innovative ideas of the originator of Su Jok therapy method Professor Park Jae Woo.

Su Jok! Choose effective methods of treatment!

Su Jok is up-to-date medical technologies!

With best regards!

SUBAL Company
The Official manufacturer of
Su Jok therapy instruments


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