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Being Your Own Su Jok Doctor


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- A number of simple ways of rendering self- and mutual therapy for most common diseases without any medication is described in this book in detail, its language being vivid and easy to understand.
- The beauty and effectiveness, easiness and safety of the Su Jok therapeutic method elaborated by South Korean Professor Park Jae Woo attract to this method the attention of people of various professions throughout the world.
- The book is intended for a wide circle of readers, for those caring for their health. If you’ve made up your mind to say “No!” to despondency, diseases and ageing, this book is especially for you!

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  • Foreword
  • Chapter I. What Su Jok Is
    • What is Su Jok?
    • Standard Body Correspondence Systems on the Hand and Foot
      • Correspondences to the Yin and Yang Body Surfaces
      • Location of the Diaphragm Projections
      • Correspondences to the Body Median Lines
    • Where Correspondences to Internal Organs and Parts of the Body are to be Found
    • "Insect" Systems
    • Minisystems of Correspondence to the Body
    • How Can One Find a Therapeutic Point?
    • Su Jok Massage
      • Massage With a Diagnostic Stick
      • "Wonder"-Ring
      • Roller Massagers
    • Treatment With Surface Applicators
      • Metal Stars
      • Magnet Stars
      • Plant Seeds
    • Medicinal Properties of Magnets
    • Life-Giving Heat
    • Treatment Through Energy Points
  • Chapter II. You Can Become Your Family Doctor
    • If You'Ve Caught a Cold...
    • You Have a Fever?
    • Getting Rid of the Cough
    • If You are Troubled With Dyspnoea
    • "Bad" Virus or a Few Things About Herpes
    • Do Away With the Headache
    • If You Have a Heart Problem
    • Help Your Spine
    • Oh, These Joints!
    • How to "Charm" Toothache Away
    • Relax and Forget About Insomnia
    • A Familiar Disease Called "Indigestion"
    • Do Away With Overweight
    • Say "No!" to Constipation
    • If Your Doctor Says You'Ve Got Haemorrhoids
    • When Something is Wrong With the Kidneys
    • Gaining More Energy
    • Men'S Question: "How to Help in Impotence?"
    • Every Woman Must Know That
    • Would You Like to be Beautiful? 


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