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Probe universal №2


Product Weight: 0.0250

Product SKU: SUBAL-23

        Probe universal №2

  • for searching and massaging treatment points in correspondence systems of different sizes
  • 3 changeable tags and spring probe
  • made of chromium-plated brass
  • length 118 mm, diameter of the probe 7 mm, diameter of heads 1.5, mm, 3.3 mm and 7.0 mm
  • "gilt" variant (titanium nitride)
  • highly accurate location of treatment points

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-   This is a version of Model 1 of the universal diagnostic probe.

-   It is also equipped with a spring-type probe and three replaceable heads that differ from Model 1 by their size.


Wednesday, 14 February 2018
Very useful in finding exact problematic acupoint.

Can measure response of patient with increase pressure on point,
visible by the length of the probe retraction.
By holding on to the retractable springy part,
you can probe points using the other end,
and also measure the response.

The probes are also interchangeable with Probe universal №1.

Probe would be better if made from stainless steel.
Hasnul Saidi

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