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Probe with a lens


Product Weight: 0.0260

Product SKU: SUBAL-21

        Probe with a lens

  • for searching and massaging treatment points
  • for warming curative points by concentrated light ray
  • made of chromium-plated brass
  • length 10 cm, diameter of the lens 20 mm
  • easy to cleanse

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 -  This diagnostic stick with a lens is meant to locate and massage correspondence points, and also to warm up the treatment correspondence points, energy-related points, Su-points and byol-chakras. This is achieved through the action of a sun ray which is concentrated with the aid of the lens. Some artificial light sources could also be used for the purpose.

 -  That the warming procedures may be performed in a smokeless manner makes this instrument quite indispensable in treating patients who cannot stand smoke or smell of moxas


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