Gravity inserter


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- high quality product, meant for acupuncture painless insertion of needles
- made of chromium-plated brass
- length 10 cm
- individual tags for patients
- changeable tags
- fit for sterilization

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This injector has been designed for the needling of correspondence points. It has the ability to afford the more painless needles insertion, thus enabling the difference in the degree of painful sensations caused by a needle?s hitting or missing a treatment point to be readily sorted out. This is how the therapist can boast the greatest efficacy in treating diseases through the body Homo-system.

The injector has a built-in magnet set to keep a needle inside the percussion injector, while the adjusting screws would control the advance of a needle. A needle becomes inserted once a piston with a load drops from top to bottom position by gravity.

Owing to its great speed and power of percussion, the needle is capable of piercing the skin and virtually painlessly going through tissues and reaching the correspondence spherule. An instantenuous pain reaction would only occur at the moment a needle hits the spherule. Conseivably, the patient will report no pain if the needle failed to reach it.

The percussion (gravitational) injector is fitted with replaceable heads feasible for sterilization.

Needling procedure:

  1. Pick up a needle using a magnet attached to the piston and, without touching the cutting edge of the needle, put it into the injector;
  2. Set the depth of needle advance using the adjusting screws;
  3. By keeping the piston with the index finger in an elevated position, place the injector head so that it is located against a correspondence point;
  4. Release the head by letting it drop under the force of gravity. In this doing, the needle will hit the correspondence point.



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