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Комплект №1


Product Weight: 0.2000

Product SKU: SUBAL-53

Su Jok massagers, such as massage rings and sticks, are meant to improve the status of the energy meridians of the human body and can have the revitalizing and preventive effects.

The whole human body is projected onto the hands, feet, fingers and toes. This is why massaging the hands, feet and fingers/toes by means of massage rings and stick would have a similar effect to that of the total massage of the body. A regular application of massage rings and stick will be helpful for removing fatigue, strengthening body defensive forces, and improving sleep habits.

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        Комплект №1

  • Включает 2 массажных кольца и массажную палочку для поверхностной стимуляции большого количества точек Су Джок, расположенных на пальцах, кистях и стопах
  • Кольцо безразмерное (подходит для любого пальца)
  • Цвет - золотистый


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