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Six colours light stimulator Su Jok 2-2


Product Weight: 0.1000

Product SKU: SUBAL-120

- "Su Jok – 2 – 2" also allows to treat by light-pulse in the pulse mode with frequencies 1Hz, 5Hz and 20Hz. The device is provided with twelve heads that color the light beam into six colors corresponding to the Six Energies.
- Six colored head are light-needles focusing the light beam to the spot of 0.8mm in diameter, while the other six heads focus the light of certain color to the spot of 2.5mm in diameter.
- Heads od lesser diameter are used to act on the points on byol-meridians and byol-chakras, and heads of greater diameter for points of corporal meridians and charkas

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  • For acting on correspondence points, meridians, chakras by light
  • Spesial 12 tags (long & short) of six colours
  • Device is operated by a power source of 6 V
  • Continuous operation during 3 hours
  • Easy to use  


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