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Three colours light stimulator Su Jok - 3М


Product Weight: 0.1000

Product SKU: CД3М

- Su Jok - 3 device operates in the mode of three basic colours that correspond to Three Origins, and is universal for both treatment through the correspondence points (areas) and Six (Eight) Ki therapy, and especially, for Triorigin therapy.
- Su Jok - 3 divice is provided with a replaceable cone-shaped head made of light-conducting material (light - needle) that allows to focus the beam of light up to 0.8mm in diameter and perform local and targerted action on correspondence points and on Six, Eight Ki points and Triorigin points.
- The three basic colours are Red (Hetero), Blue - Violet (Homo), and Green (Neutro)

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  • For acting on correspondence points, meridians, chakras by light
  • Three types: working modes of red, blue and green colours
  • Device is operated by a power source of 6 V
  • Continuous operation during 3 hours
  • Easy to use 



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