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Magnet Star - Big


Product Weight: 0.0040

Product SKU: SUBAL-78

- As we come to use a magnetic star, the mechanical stimulation of the correspondence point will be enhanced due to forces produced by magnetic field. A magnetic star would offer its advantages when the deep-seated correspondence points located at the area with the manifest layer of soft tissues have to be stimulated. The application of this star as a stimulator will make it possible to improve the effectiveness of treatment and to reduce the period of time involved.

- The exposure time for magnetic stars is defined by the nature and severity of disease, and can vary from a few hours to several days. The patient is supposed to massage the correspondence point on his own, by pressing regularly on the star. However, care be should taken while installing magnetic stars in patients with hypersensitivity to magnetic energy.

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 - Diameter 7 mm in the package (10 pieces)
- Su Jok's most popular surface applicator
- For long-term stimulation of deeply located medical points Su Jok.
- To stimulate matching points on the hand, foot and trunk
- The combination of mechanical action on the point and the effect of the magnetic field enhances the therapeutic effect.
- The polarity is marked.
- It is easily fastened by adhesive tape.
- For multiple use.


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