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Inserter for Six Ki


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Product SKU: SUBAL-13

Inserter for Six Ki

  • high quality product, meant for acupuncture insertion of needles at an angle
  • made of chromium-plated brass
  • ength 8.6 cm
  • easy to use
  • individual tags for patients

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      This injector has been intended to provide treatment according to the Eight-Energies principle. Besides, it is applied to stimulate the points through the Homo-system of the body, when it is important to impart a necessary direction to a needle being inserted. The movable piston from the spring-type injector would make it possible to insert needles at an angle and to a preset depth.

The injector under discussion is fitted with replaceable heads feasible for sterilization.

Needling procedure:

  1. Put a needle into the injector;
  2. Set the depth of needle advance using the adjusting screws (1-2 mm);
  3. The injector head will be brought to a point to be stimulated and arranged at a required angle to the skin surface;
  4. Press upon the intector's piston.



Wednesday, 14 February 2018
Design is much better than Dong Bang inserter.

The spring is sealed in the shaft so it won't come out & get lost.

Depth of inserted needles easily adjusted by turning a nut.
Range of adjustment is large due to screw threads all along the shaft.

Would be better if made from stainless steel.
Also, if have magnet on the back end to easily pick up needles.
Hasnul Saidi

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